Which is healthier? Just check the app

A smartphone app that allows consumers to compare the health credentials of different brands has been launched in the Netherlands.

According to a report on FoodNavigator.com, the app will help people navigate the information available in the small print on packaging.

It works in a similar way to the UK’s FoodSwitch app – users can see the nutritional values ​​and ingredients when they scan the barcode. They can also look products up, compare the nutritional values of different brands and be offered healthier alternatives.

More detailed information will also be available on certain ingredients, like salt.

One bottle of ketchup can contain twice as much salt as another, said Wieke van der Vossen, from the Netherlands Nutrition Centre, which has developed the app with funding from the country’s Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

"The app makes reading labels much easier and more fun. We hope to unleash a revolution in the supermarket,” he added. However, consumer groups in the Netherlands questioned whether many shoppers will use the app.

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