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Acrylamide – what you need to know

New European regulations to reduce levels of acrylamide in food came into force last month. However, guidance for member states still hasn’t been finalised, which has left caterers confused about their responsibilities in relation to sampling and the foods covered. Dr Lisa Ackerley, food safety expert at UKHospitality, says businesses need to focus their efforts…
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Government announces 20% calorie reduction target

The food sector has been told to cut calories in their products by 20% by 2024 to help tackle the UK’s obesity crisis. “It’s hard for people to make healthy food choices, whether for themselves or their families,” said Alison Tedstone, chief nutritionist at Public Health England yesterday. “That’s why we are challenging the food…
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Childhood obesity: meet the new plan, same as the old plan

The government’s new research unit looks suspiciously like it was cobbled together to head off claims of inaction, writes David Burrows. Twelve months ago the UK government slipped out its long-awaited plan to tackle childhood obesity. The document represented “the start of the conversation, rather than the final word”. It ran to 13 pages and…
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Consumer the loser in the foolhardy fat fight

Making healthy food choices is hard enough at the best of times such is the onslaught of messaging imploring us to choose one product over another. But when even public health professionals can't agree on the most basic of nutritional guidance you can forgive the public for giving up and going home to phone their…
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Where next for the Responsibility Deal?

LEADING FOODSERVICE figures met on the second birthday of the governments wide-ranging health deal to discuss whether it's been a success and what challenges lie ahead. The government's Public Health Responsibility Deal is reaching a critical stage. Last month the wide-ranging deal had its second birthday and, while accurate analysis of its effect on the…
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