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Playing poker with calories

The food industry has much to gain by embracing the government’s latest calorie challenge. But reticence will inevitably lead to regulation, writes David Read. "Britain needs to go on a diet,” said Duncan Selbie, chief executive at Public Health England (PHE). "The simple truth is that on average we need to eat less. Children and…
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Sugaring the Brexit pill

Britain’s sugar policy is a contradictory mess – but leaving the EU is a chance to bring agriculture and health goals into line. By Professor Jack Winkler. The UK government is drowning in dissent, divisions, plots and power struggles. The conflicts that receive most media attention focus on the prime minister and Brexit. But the…
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Does fat deserve a retrial?

Why defenders are fighting to clear the reputation of a nutrient they say has been unfairly blamed for the obesity epidemic. By Nick Hughes. As sugar begins a long sentence for its role in the obesity epidemic a campaign is being waged to get another convicted nutrient off the hook. Fat has long been cast…
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New recipe for fighting obesity

In an age of austerity, reformulation rather than regulation is the policy of choice for tackling the crisis. By Professor Jack Winkler. MSPs on the health and sport committee in Holyrood wrote to the health minister, Aileen Campbell, last month urging her to take a “bold approach” to tackling obesity. It was an entirely sensible…
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